Our crew

Friendly and welcoming, our pilots are experts in their field. It is their aim to ensure that your flight with Major Blue Air is enjoyable from start to finish.

Supreet Singh – Operations Manager

Supreet is originally from Punjab India. He started flying in 2008 and was hooked after his first lesson. During his training he enjoyed the flying so much that he investigated the possibilities of flying professionally in the remote and wild bush of Botswana. After achieving his Commercial license in 2010, he joined Major Blue Air and has since progressed to Operations Manager. Whilst the role of Ops Manager keeps him busy with overseeing all aspects of Major Blue he still flies regularly, fulfilling his dream of flying in the Okavango Delta.

When not flying, Supreet likes keeping fit by jogging and playing basketball and enjoys downtime with reading. He aims to continue his pilot studies, whilst gaining as much firsthand experience possible in order to further his aviation career.

Tammi Mcalister – Chief Pilot

Tammi started flying in the Okavango Delta back in 2001 after a short time based in West Africa flying for DHL. After working her way up to management positions within the Aviation industry in Maun and accumulating more than 4000 flying hours, she then took some time out to focus on family life. She is married to a fellow pilot, Dan, who she met in Maun and they have two feisty boys: Ryan and Keegan who are mad about flying and fishing and keep mom busy!

Tammi also manages a charity organisation called Airborne Lifeline Foundation which provides vital air services to doctors & specialists enabling them to fly to remote clinics and hospitals throughout Botswana, Malawi and Zambia. The main focus of their work is the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDs

As Chief Pilot she ensures the training of the pilots is of the highest standard and balances the challenges of all her roles (mother, chief pilot and running the charity organisation) with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Her favourite place to go to in Botswana is Xigera Lagoon for its beauty and her favourite aircraft to fly is the Cessna 210.

Jaypal Chouhan – Line Pilot & Safety Manager

Zimbabwe born, Jay studied Ecology and Microbiology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He’s passionate about everything he does and you feel every bit as excited by the enthusiasm and humor with which he conducts himself on a day to day basis. His interest in aviation stems from his childhood but only came to fruition in 2009 when he made the decision to immerse himself in the industry during a gap year from university. The days melted into years and by 2012 Jay found himself on an aircraft that was Botswana bound, chasing whispers and rumors of what could be a career as a bush pilot in the Okavango Delta. “If I was limited to just one area, I’d say that the Chobe River leading up to and merging with Kasane is my favorite stretch to fly. With the eye of imagination you fly the line that divides Botswana and Namibia, snaking down to the Kazangula Crossing; the crossroads of 4 countries. If you fly further still along that gorgeous waterway, you are treated to an obstruction free view of Victoria Falls. I can’t help but grin every time I see the vapor rise as the water thunders over that cliff. Something so beautiful in a place I call home.”

Marcus Hancock – Pilot

Marcus was born in Spain where he lived for the first half of his life. He has spent the second half living in Australia and Africa working in the tourism, hospitality and aviation industry.

He enjoys the bush, works well with people of all nationalities and always learns enough of the local languages to get by.

Kuntal Kukani – Pilot

Kuntal was born in Gujarat, India. After completing high school, he moved to South Africa to to do his flight training. He came to Botswana looking to kick-start his career and fulfil his dream of flying in the Okavango Delta.

Kuntal likes flying the Airvan and his favourite area in Botswana that he loves flying over is the Northern Delta and especially the Ngogha channel.

Nicolaus Moon – Quality Manager

Originally from New Zealand, Nicolaus joined the Major Blue team in 2013 as a Line Pilot and Quality Manager. He has studied in New Zealand and the United States and holds pilot licenses from both countries, as well as a Bachelor of Aviation. Previously Nicolaus was based in the Middle East and plans to settle in Southern California in the future. He has a passion for flying tail-wheel airplanes and snow skiing.

Favourite place in Botswana: Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
Favourite airplane flown: American Champion Decathlon.

Tebogo Mothibi – Pilot



Ernie Hulley – Pilot

Ernie was born in South Africa but spent most of his formative years in the UK and after achieving a degree in computing he worked in IT for 13 years. However, his dream from a young age was to become a pilot and in 2007 he returned to South Africa to do his Pilots licence at Algoa Flying Club. After completing his licence he built 800 hours, by “dropping” skydivers and became an accomplished skydiver himself whilst also gaining his Grade 3 qualification as a flight instructor.
He has flown in Botswana since 2011 and thoroughly enjoys introducing guests to this very special part of Africa. A favourite aspect for him is the contrasting landscape: from the arid areas of the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi Pans to the flooded plains of the Okavango. His lighthearted and humourous briefings put passengers at ease, so that the flights in and out of camps become a highlight in themselves

Charlotte Oliver – Pilot

Charlotte was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. After a few flying lessons as a teenager she quickly fell in love with aviation and upon finishing high school she moved away from home to chase her dream. Charlotte achieved her commercial pilot licence in 2009 and her instructor rating a few months later. At such a young age, she held a commercial pilot licence before she held a full drivers licence!

Charlotte spent four years sharing her passion for flying as an instructor across three different cities in New Zealand, eventually becoming a senior instructor. At the same time she also completed qualifications in operational aviation and applied business management.

In her spare time Charlotte enjoys baking, reading and art. She has loved all of the flying that she has done and has a fondness for all of the aircraft, but if forced to choose a favourite she would say probably the Piper Cub or De Havilland Tigermoth.

Pilot qualifications

Our crew are all employed with valid commercial pilots licences, and undergo training for the special conditions found in the Okavango. Each pilot must pass a Botswana Pilots medical, Airlaw exam and flight test before obtaining a Botswana Commercial Pilots Licence, which is required to operate the aircraft in Botswana.

Once the licence has been granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana, The pilot will then undergo at least 50 hours of training in the Okavango Delta, before being checked by the Chief Pilot. Only after all requirements are met and signed out by the Chief Pilot, is the pilot allowed to fly passengers as a line pilot.

Every 6 months the pilot must pass a flight test with a Botswana Delegated examiner on each of the aircraft he or she flies.