Our fleet

At Major Blue Air we pride ourselves on our top quality fleet.

Our aircraft are fully equipped with the latest computerised glass cockpit technology that constantly monitors changing conditions. This, combined with modern GPS and weather radar equipment, allows us to fly at any time of the day in all weather conditions.

The air-conditioned interior of our aircraft boast comfortable seats from which you can sit back, relax and enjoy the exciting experience that is flying with Major Blue Air.

We operate the following aircraft:

Cessna 172 S

The 4 seater single engine Cessna 172 is an ideal light aircraft for scenic flights with up to 3 passengers, and for inter lodge flights with 2 passengers and baggage.

The aircraft cruises at about 180kph.

Cessna C 206 H

Also known as the ‘StationAir’, the sport-utility Cessna 206 is a flexible aircraft - great for scenic flights as well as for getting you to where you need to be! This plane is capable of taking up to five passengers.

Gippsland GA8 Airvan

The Airvan is the latest aircraft in our fleet, and can carry up to 7 passengers for scenic flights or 5 to 6 passengers for inter-lodge flights, with a spacious cabin and large windows – ideal for spotting game!

Cessna Grand Caravan

Having set legendary standards as a workhorse aircraft, the Cessna Grand Caravan is one of the most reliable and comfortable aircraft in its class and size, and seats up to 13 passengers.

Hawker 800 xp

A new addition to the Major Blue fleet is the Hawker 800XP. Few aircraft can match the Hawker 800 combination of comfort, cabin size and range, making it one of the most popular midsize business jets. It is designed to complete transcontinental and international flights as needed, as well as have good short range capabilities. Since it is the third member of the 800 series, it has undergone many small improvements to the features that made it successful in the private jet market to begin with -- its cruise and climb speeds, runway performance, and weight limits.

King Air B200

King Air B200 is a twin-engine turboprop monoplane with Executive seating. It offers unmatched utility and carries 9 passengers in a luxurious, comfortable cabin, operating from shorter fields. It offers complete flexibility with respect to route and time. King Air gives top of the range Executive Bush Flying Experience.

Maximum Range 2300 km

Cruising speed 535 km/h

Leather interior

Baron 58

The Beechcraft Baron 58 is a light – medium twin engine piston aircraft, offers great flexibility for both business and pleasure.

Aircraft Safety and Maintenance

Our aircraft are maintained in Maun at a Civil Aviation Authority Botswana approved maintenance facility, and undergo maintenance at regular intervals as prescribed by Civil Aviation Authority Botswana and ICAO regulations.